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Septic Care

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Septic System Care

Your wastewater treatment system is one of the most expensive features of your home or business and you will want to protect your investment.  Following a few basic rules can help extend the life of your system. When a septic system fails, it is usually because the drain field has become plugged and the effluent cannot move through the soil. Following the suggestions below can keep your investment working properly.


ü  Conserve water, install water-saving appliances and repair plumbing leaks

ü  Limit the use of chemicals that can kill the "good bacteria" in your system

ü  Divert downspouts away from your drain field

ü  Have your septic tank pumped and inspected regularly

ü  Install a filter to remove lint from your washing machine discharge


r  Use a garbage disposal

r  Flush non-biodegradable products

r  Dump solvents, oils, paints or poisons down the drain

r  Allow vehicles to drive over your drain field and compact the soil




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